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Welcome to my Kitchen Pantry!

Here I will continually post my favorite recipes for great tasting healthy meals! You will also find an array of articles dealing with making healthy choices, nutrition, handy kitchen tidbits, etc.

Over the past 10 years my hubby & I have become more aware of our need to make a lifestyle change. (see link to my testimony) I can honestly say, we were shocked to find that healthy way of eating is very tasty, plus inexpensive!! As you will find, I enjoy using all kinds of different veggies, herbs & seasonings. I encourage you to take time to prepare & cook meals together with your hubby & kids or a friend…you will find it is a loads of fun!

I invite you to come back frequently, post a note, ask questions or comment on recipes. While you are at it, check out my other websites!

So pull up an easy chair, pour yourself a cup of coffee & just simply …Enjoy! ~San